Briana Buckmaster Talks Supernatural Shenanigans — with Kim, Misha, Jared and Jensen!


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It’s a joyful day in Supernatural fandom – early renewal for Season 11, woohoo!! We thought we’d post an interview to celebrate the Best Show Ever and its amazing cast.

After watching ‘Hibbing 911’, I was dying to talk to Briana Buckmaster, the actress who brought Sheriff Donna to life so brilliantly. I finally got a chance to chat with her on the phone last week, after a few failed attempts, most of which involved me completely losing track of what day it was. Briana proved herself very understanding – if there’s anything a woman with a baby understands, it’s having a hectic life.

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Supernatural Fandom – The Documentary


Supernatural Fandom - The Documentary Supernatural Fandom – The Documentary (Credit Mitch Kosterman)

As many people (cast, crew and fans) say in the film, the conventions are an extension of the show.  They are a manifestation of the fanbase and therefore a visible measurement of the popularity beyond TV ratings. – Mitch Kosterman

Supernatural Fandom – The Documentary

During the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Vancouver in August 2014 I was Interview by Mitch Kosterman. Mitch has been working hard gathering hours and hours of footage from fans at Supernatural Conventions for his documentary on the Supernatural Fandom. I followed up with some questions back to Mitch about the documentary, where it can be seen and when, plus if any cast members will be having their say about the fandom

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