Hello everyone!

So… I’m new to this whole thing but I’m learning fast! First I want to apologise for my english, it’s not my mother tongue but I hope we will all understand each other!

Let’s start!!!

My name is Alexandra but you can call me Alex! I’m from Greece and although our country is on this stupid economic crisis, still remains beautiful to me! I’m 18 years old and studying Hotel Management.

I’m a huge cinephile and tv series lover. I have a thing about superheroes, mostly from DC Universe (my favourite are Batman and Black Canary)! I love reading books and comics. In one word i’m a geek and i like it! Also i play a lot of video games, currently i bought PS4 and i know it’s expensive but believe me i worked my ass off all summer so i desverve it!

I have a tumblr with the same url (ihavewanderlustinmblood.tumblr.com) but follow me only if you like Supernatural cause i’m obsessed with it and it’s pretty much the only thing i post. If you don’t like SPN then please don’t follow me cause… i don’t know, do whatever you want!  😛

That’s it! Have a great day, night, whatever!

See you soon.  Live long and prosper!